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Guide to Student Life

The Guide to Student Life serves as a resource and reference guide for your journey of learning and personal development at Young Harris College. We encourage you to take advantage of the many services and programs offered by the faculty and staff that are designed to enhance your overall college experience. The administration and Board of Trustees at Young Harris College believe that one of their primary responsibilities is to encourage the development and maintenance of an environment within the YHC community which best permits the institution and its students to realize their goals. Most of these expectations center on policies and procedures that establish and maintain a safe and healthy campus, provide an environment that is conducive to learning and personal development, support and reflect local, state, and national laws, provide equal opportunities for all students, and reflect principles of shared responsibility.

The Guide to Student Life is divided into multiple sections:

  • A Tradition of Excellence which gives an overview of the institution including the history, goals, values, and mission statement of the College. 
  • Campus Information which gives a detailed list of the many programs and services offered by the College to help students succeed academically and socially. 
  • Student Life Policies which outlines important policies and procedures relevant to student life including subsections for Campus Activities, Residence Life, and Student Organizations. These policies and procedures are in addition to the academic expectations and responsibilities of students, and each student is responsible for knowing, observing, and adhering to all student life policies and procedures.
  • Student Code of Conduct educates the YHC community about the institution’s expectations and student rights and responsibilities.  It creates a standard by which students are expected to conduct themselves that is consistent with the educational goals of the College.  
  • Calendar of Events Students are able to use the 52-week calendar to help balance their busy lives and keep up with important events such as classes, assignments, tests, organizational meetings, road trips, and sleep.


Download the 2016-2017 Guide to Student Life.