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2017-2018 Season

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The Elves and the Shoemaker

Fred Register Endowment for Children’s Theatre

By Kristin Walter
Saturday, September 23, 2 p.m.

The shoemaker of Grimmsville makes shoes that are miserably uncomfortable and impossible to walk in. One day, his daughter Shannon is given a magical medallion that holds the charm of the elves. With his shoes now wanted throughout the land, Eric and his family have more gold than they can count. But they quickly realize all the money in the world doesn't buy happiness.


Books and Lyrics by Greg Kotis
Music and Lyrics by Mark Hollman
“Pay What You Can” Preview
Tuesday, November 7, 7 p.m.
Wednesday-Saturday, November 8 - 11, 7 p.m.
Saturday, November 11, 2 p.m.
DT   $

When a city begins to suffer from a terrible water shortage caused by a 20-year drought, the government enforces a ban on private toilets. The citizens must use public amenities, regulated by a single malevolent company that charges admission to use the toilets. Amid the people, a hero decides that he’s had enough and plans a revolution to lead them all to freedom. In this hilarious musical satire of the legal system, capitalism, social irresponsibility, populism, bureaucracy, corporate mismanagement, municipal politics and musical theatre itself, the audience will see a different side to greed, love and revolution!

The Taming of the Shrew

By William Shakespeare
“Pay What You Can” Preview

Wednesday, Feb. 21, 7 p.m.
Thursday-Saturday, February 22 - 24, 7 p.m.
GMH  $

A rough-and-tumble farce centered around a lively battle of the sexes, “The Taming of the Shrew” brims with action and humor. The unconventional romance between a lusty fortune-hunter and a bitter shrew unfolds to the accompaniment of witty, fast-paced dialogue and physical humor in this Shakespearean comedy.

Silent Sky

By Lauren Gunderson
“Pay What You Can” Preview
Tuesday, April 18, 7 p.m.
Wednesday-Saturday, April 18 - 21, 7 p.m.
DT   $

Based on the true story of 19th century astronomer Henrietta Leavitt, this play explores a woman’s place in society during a time of immense scientific discoveries, when women’s ideas were dismissed until men claimed credit for them. While working at the Harvard Observatory, Henrietta isn’t allowed to touch a telescope or express an original idea. She joins a group of women “computers,” charting the stars for a renowned astronomer who calculates projects in “girl hours” and has no time for the women’s probing theories. As Henrietta attempts to measure the light and distance of stars, she must also take measure of her life on Earth, trying to balance her dedication to science with family obligations and the possibility of love.



Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre presents...Breakneck Hamlet!

Adapted from William Shakespeare
Friday, October 27

In this fast, epic, insightful, and funny introduction to one of Shakespeare’s greatest play of all time, Breakneck Hamlet! ask questions such as “‘Why can’t Hamlet make up his mind?,’ ‘What is Hamlet’s real issue with Claudius?,’ and ‘What phrase of ‘To be or not to be’ makes sense of the whole speech?” By factoring in historical perspectives, Mooney leads the reader through the intimate thought processes of an actor working his way through the “Mount Everest of Theatrical Roles.” In this celebrated adaptation of Shakespeare’s play, Mooney discusses topics that may not seem obvious to the reader by revealing several clues that lead him to particular character choices which vividly distinguish Claudius from Hamlet, Laertes, Horatio, and others!

Valentine's Day Cabaret Fundraiser

Wednesday, February 14, 7 p.m.
Suber Banquet Hall

YHC’s Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honor Society presents the fifth annual Valentine’s Day Cabaret to benefit student trips within the Theatre Department. Talented students will perform a variety of short musical and dramatic bits related to the themes of love and heartbreak.



Shakespeare's R&J

Adapted by Joe Calarco
Tuesday-Wednesday, September 25-26, 7 p.m.

When four young prep school students begin taking turns reading William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” aloud, the story itself becomes more and more thrilling. The rigidity of their own lives begins to parallel the lives of the characters in the play. 

Recommeneded for mature audiences due to strong languages and adult themes. 

The Stonewater Rapture

By Doug Wright
Tuesday-Thursday Feb. 28-29, 7 p.m.

A play about the explosive combination of adolescent sexuality and religious repression in a rural Texas town, The Stonewater Rapture traces the relationship between Whitney, the well-meaning son of the local minister, and Carlyle, a vivacious eighteen-year-old girl with a highly charged imagination. Intended for mature audiences.

Recommeneded for mature audiences due to strong languages and adult themes. 


DT – Dobbs Theatre, Goolsby Center
GMH– Glenn-McGinnis Hall

Some Mainstage Series tickets (marked $) are $10 for adults and $5 for seniors 65+ or with YHC ID. Contributions are also accepted during “Pay What You Can” Previews.