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Office of the Dean

Welcome to the Division of Arts & Humanities at Young Harris College.

Studying at a residential liberal arts college forms the essence of the traditional college experience, and there has never been a more exciting time to do so at YHC. Whether you develop your ability to communicate effectively, interpret texts, know yourself, and expand horizons through the Humanities courses offered in the College’s core curriculum, or pursue deeper study in one of our majors (Communication Studies, Creative Writing, English, Religious Studies, and Spanish) or minors (Appalachian Studies and Community EngagementCommunication Studies, English, Philosophy, Popular Culture, Religious Studies, and Spanish), you will join a talented community of writers, scholars, teachers, and learners in the exploration of art, culture, language, and ideas.

So what exactly can you expect?

First and foremost, you will receive excellent teaching from an accomplished faculty committed to sparking your interest and developing your skills. Humanities courses are lively, discussion-based, and interactive. Your professors will encourage you to analyze, and even criticize the texts and ideas you consider, not simply absorb them passively. You will not experience death by lecture.

You will also be mentored by active scholars and artists who present and publish their work nationally (and even internationally), share their research both in the classroom and with the broader college community, and assist students to develop their own research interests. You may even be encouraged to join professors on research trips and present your own work at regional and national academic conferences.

You will also enjoy a variety of cultural opportunities designed to expand learning beyond the classroom. You might explore issues of faith, doubt, and spirituality at S.I.G.H.T. (Student Inquiry Group for Humanist Thought), present original research at national and international conferences through the Media Studies Research Collective, workshop your creative writing with nationally acclaimed poets such as Edward Hirsch and Kevin Young, enjoy a reading by former United States Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey, travel to Ireland to “find your roots” through study abroad opportunities offered by the English department, or pursue internship opportunities in Foreign Languages.

Best of all, you will join a fabulous group of students studying in a supportive environment who accomplish great things at YHC and beyond. Many recent Humanities graduates are currently pursuing graduate study at institutions such as Ohio State University, Vanderbilt University, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the University of Georgia, the University of Mississippi, the University of Vermont, the University of South Florida and Georgia College and State University.        

Please contact me if you wish more information about what the Division of Humanities has to offer. The department chairs and program coordinators will be delighted to talk with you as well. We are very happy that you are here.

Mark Rollins, Ph.D.
Dean, Division of Arts & Humanities