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Dr. Matthew Bruen

Dr. Matthew Bruen

Assistant Professor of English,
Director of the Honors Program,
Chair of the Department of Literature and Language

(706) 379-5262
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Dr. Matthew Steven Bruen studies early American literature and culture, with specialization in the interstices of place, space and literary practice. A historian of reading and writing, Dr. Bruen has written on the memorial literatures of Trenton, New Jersey, and Bennington, Vermont, and the print cultures of disaster in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and Chicago, Illinois. In addition to his work on historical communities, Dr. Bruen has examined how attachments to their home places influenced the literary production of such well-known 19th-century figures as Rebecca Harding Davis, Frederick Douglass, and Herman Melville. He teaches classes on Early American Literature, Composition, Film and the Environment, and many others. When not in the classroom, Dr. Bruen can be found fly fishing for wild trout or working in his vegetable garden.

Dr. Bruen holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Religion from Bucknell University, a Master of Arts degree in English and American Literature from New York University, and a Ph.D. in the same from NYU.