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  • The Department of Religion and Philosophy is proud to announce their recent acceptance into the Religious Studies and Theology Honors Society, Theta Alpha Kappa. Explore their website for information about undergraduate opportunities such as publication, internships, and national awards.
  • For further information about the academic study of religion, explore the website for the international organization promoting all aspects of the study of religion, the American Academy of Religion.
  • For further information about anthropological, sociological, and historical approaches—those approaches critical of all religions that appeal to transcendent claims and values—examine the website for the North American Association for the Study of Religion.
  • For further information for reflection on studying the bible from both confessional and critical perspectives, explore the website for the Society of Biblical Literature.
  • Enhance your morals, integrity and humanity in our Ethics Across the Curriculum program.
  • Students interested in pursuing graduate education in Religious Studies or related fields should prepare along the following steps:
    • Speak with your advisor in the spring semester of your junior year.
    • Look around for various graduate programs in Religious Studies (such as the University of Florida or the University of Iowa).
      • Identify at least two faculty members you might want to work with in research, the deadline for application, and the application materials.
    • In terms of a rough timeline:
      • May: begin researching schools, and take a GRE practice test to get perspective
      • June: Sign up for a GRE prep course, register for the test (
      • July: Request information from programs that interest you, meet with YHC faculty and students for recommendations
      • August: Take the GRE, draft your statement of purpose explaining why you want to go to graduate school
      • September: Register for the GRE (if retest is necessary), finalize your list of programs, contact your recommendation letter writers
      • October: Request transcripts from YHC, provide letter writers with your cv or statement of purpose, visit programs
      • November: Have friends and advisor read over your materials
      • December: Submit applications