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Ethics Across the Curriculum

Young Harris College instituted the Ethics Across the Curriculum (EAC) program during the Fall 2008 semester. The program has included workshops and luncheons on ethics in practice, ethical theories, intellectual virtues and teaching ethics.



The EAC program seeks to make ethical reflection a vital part of the ethos of Young Harris College. It promotes creative and critical conversations about virtues and values to enhance the mission of the college. The conversations cover topics about “how we might think,” “how we might act” and “who we might be,” and they take place among students, faculty and the rest of the YHC community. The program also provides resources to support faculty, administrators and staff who wish to integrate discussion of morals and values into classrooms, extracurricular programs or other initiatives.


The goals of the EAC program are to provide students and faculty with ways to attend authentically to ethical and moral dimensions of our lives and to risk making more virtuous and better informed decisions. After completing a four-year degree at YHC we expect students to be fluent in their use of values discourse, discretely applying terms such as "right," "consequences," "responsibility" and "excellence." We also expect students to offer responsible reflections about prominent moral questions in their career paths and fields of study.