Undergraduate Research for the Common Good

Undergraduate Research Day 2021
CURE and MRE Development for Faculty

Undergraduate Research for the Common Good provides funding to support faculty that want to embed course-based research experiences (CUREs) in an existing course or develop a mentored research experience (MRE). Faculty from all disciplines and divisions are encouraged to participate in order to develop a diversity of CUREs that will impact students from across campus. CUREs are inquiry-based or research-intensive courses that meet the CURE criteria of discovery, relevance, collaboration, and iteration. MREs can existed as independent studies, directed studies, or lead to a capstone project in a major. MREs are generally intended for students at the junior/senior level who have received previous training in research or have established a strong foundation of knowledge in their discipline.


Undergraduate Research Grants - Faculty can receive awards up to $1,000 to support the development and implementation of a CURE and $500 to support the development and implementation of an MRE. This can include supplies, equipment, field trip costs, and support for students to present research at conferences.

Application Deadline – Applications for grant awards are due on the first Monday of August for the fall semester and on the first Monday of January for the spring semester. Completed applications should be sent to the Director of Undergraduate Research.

Application – The application for a CURE can be downloaded here. The application for an MRE can be downloaded here.