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Program Management & Assessment


Faculty members volunteer to teach WI or SI versions of their courses, which are identified on the course schedule each semester prior to student advising and registration. Faculty training and development includes a review of effective writing and speaking pedagogies, an introduction to the rubrics used to assess student learning outcomes, two workshops per semester devoted to writing and speaking instruction, an electronic resource bank and a peer observation program. 


The Rhetorica Program is managed by a Directorial Committee comprised of the Program Director and the co-directors of the Center for Writing and Speaking (English and Communication Studies faculty). This Committee reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. It works with the Academic Advising Center to ensure students’ awareness of program requirements, and with the Office of the Registrar to monitor students’ completion of WI/SI course requirements. It works with the Office of Planning and Assessment and the Office of Academic Affairs to assess student learning outcomes and program effectiveness.


A comprehensive assessment plan ensures the assessment of both student learning outcomes and the overall effectiveness of the program. In addition, the assessment plan guides the use of assessment results to effect changes and improvements in the program. The assessment of student learning outcomes features the use of rubrics developed by the College faculty specifically for the WI/SI courses in the program. Qualitative assessment of the program’s effectiveness includes the use of focus groups of students taking and faculty teaching WI/SI courses each semester, as well as customized student evaluations of WI/SI courses. The program’s Directorial Committee oversees the assessment plan, submitting an annual report on the program’s effectiveness, including assessment results, to the Vice President for Academic Affairs by July 1 each year.