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Interdisciplinary Studies (Discover Degree)

Discover your interests, your passion and your future!

Interdisciplinary Studies (Discover Degree) is a customized program of study for students with unique interests and career goals. It combines courses from various disciplines to prepare students for an ever-changing job market, in which interdisciplinary knowledge offers a distinct advantage.

The program offers two options for students interested in this exciting educational experience. Both choices provide a high level of customization, making Interdisciplinary Studies the ideal path for students looking to develop highly desirable, cross-functional skills.

Students are free to independently invent their own program of study with guidance from advisors and the Interdisciplinary Studies committee. The College has also designed seven programs of study, building on some of the most popular and unique majors YHC currently offers. These predesigned programs put students on the fast track to delve into the following areas:

Biomedical Ethics focuses on ethical issues surrounding the medical field and related industries. This course of study allows students to combine the worlds of science, philosophy and ethics to consider these types of issues in preparation for medical school, graduate studies, law or private industry in any number of fields related to medicine. View Curriculum >>

Comparative Literature and Culture offers a wide range of options for students who wish to study literature and other forms of artistic expressions across national, linguistic, cultural and disciplinary boundaries. Students study literary and artistic works from diverse cultures and learn various approaches to cultural analysis for possible graduate studies or law. View Curriculum >>

Education and Management Studies develops a knowledge of management practices in education for students who want to continue their knowledge of graduate education administration or leadership programs. This program of study is also ideal for non-certification jobs in education management or in education-related professions.  View Curriculum >>

Gender and Society investigates the history and status of women, the role of gender and sexuality in culture, and the social and literary contributions of women. The social focus of this program allows students to explore intersections between gender, sexuality and various markers of cultural otherness. It prepares students for positions in publishing and editing industries, graduate studies, management, and government.   View Curriculum >>

Health Administration provides students with knowledge of the business practices of the health industry in preparation for advanced studies in medicine and/or business. In addition, Health Administration also prepares students for professional positions in hospital administration, pharmaceuticals, commercial research and marketing, and other areas of the medical sector. View Curriculum >>

Health Communication and Ethics combines science, communication and business. This program of study will prepare students for public relations positions such as technical writing, editing or marketing. Students will be able to seek careers with scientific magazines or books companies, professional periodicals/journals, software companies, private industries, or with state and federal agencies. View Curriculum >>

Human Rights and Diversity prepares students for careers related to international human rights. Students develop a strong background in ethics, public policy, management and leadership. They will be well-prepared to pursue graduate studies or work in human rights/aid organizations as well as other related fields, including law.  View Curriculum >>

All degrees must be compatible with the requirements of the College and approved by the Interdisciplinary Studies committee.

Questions? Contact the Director of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program and Assistant Professor of English Dr. Claudie Massicotte.

Questions? Contact Professor of Music and Musical Theatre Program Co-Coordinator Jeffrey Bauman. - See more at:

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