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Interdisciplinary Studies (Discover Degree)

Discover your interests, your passion and your future!

Interdisciplinary Studies (Discover Degree) is a customized program of study for students with unique interests and career goals. Students choosing this major demonstrate high levels of autonomy, responsibility, and independent thinking.

Interdisciplinary Studies programs combine courses from various disciplines to prepare students for an ever-changing job market, in which interdisciplinary knowledge offers a distinct advantage. The program provides individualized options, making it the ideal path for students looking to develop highly desirable, cross-functional skills. To date, Interdisciplinary Studies majors have completed degrees in areas including: 

Creative Arts for Healing
Adventure Therapy
Illustration and Creative Writing
Digital Media Marketing
Pre-Physical Therapy
Pre-Occupational Therapy
Sustainability in Business Practices
Sports Communication and Management
Human Rights and Diversity
Education Management

And many more.

Students who opt for this major will independently create their own program of study with guidance from advisors and the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee. Depending on their curriculum, they may earn a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. Each Interdisciplinary Studies degree will also require:

  • A minimum of 21 credit hours of upper- (3000- or 4000-) level courses
  • A minimum of 51 credit hours of major course work within the disciplines selected
  • An interdisciplinary capstone project
  • The approval of two faculty advisors within the disciplines selected and the Chairs, Deans, and/or Program Coordinators forming the student’s Discover Degree Committee.

To be eligible to apply, students must be in good standing and have no more than 75 completed semester hours or have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and no more than 90 completed hours.

Click here for the full application guidelines for Interdisciplinary Studies. 

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Questions? Contact the Director of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program and Assistant Professor of English Dr. Claudie Massicotte.

Questions? Contact Professor of Music and Musical Theatre Program Co-Coordinator Jeffrey Bauman. - See more at: