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Sustainability Minor

Understanding the principles of sustainability is essential for developing solutions to many of the most critical issues facing the U.S. and the overall global economy in the coming decades. Problems like global warming, energy shortages, the availability and quality of natural resources and the need for jobs that can lift large parts of the world out of poverty without depleting vital resources are just a few of the challenges we face in the 21st century.

Any major can be enhanced with the Sustainability minor, which provides students with the background necessary to understand and tackle these challenges. Sustainability is a multi-disciplinary approach bringing together the knowledge and disciplines of environmental science, business, economics, politics, public policy, law, public communications, ethics and more. As such, the Sustainability minor fits perfectly into the liberal arts framework at YHC. Additionally, students of all majors can enhance their career prospects by learning more about the critical issues that currently underlie sustainability efforts.

The Sustainability minor educates students to have a working knowledge of the multiple perspectives of sustainability; inspires students to identify and examine closely the issues facing our society with respect to environmental conservation and the political, social, economic and public policy challenges in creating sustainable cultures; and empowers students with the confidence and skill set to join the workforce or pursue further training in sustainability related disciplines.

Click here for the Sustainability minor curriculum.