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Dr. Johnathan Davis

Dr. Johnathan Davis

Assistant Professor of Biology
Chair, Biology Department

Program Coordinator of Enviromental Science

(706) 379-5228
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Dr. Davis came to Young Harris College in the fall of 2011. He earned a B.S. at Mississippi State University in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, an M.S. at Nicholls State University in Marine and Environmental Biology, and his doctorate at Tennessee Technological University in Environmental Science. He teaches various organismal biology courses at Young Harris College. His research background includes the study of many fishes such largemouth bass, alligator gar, bowfin, tuxedo and citico darters and spotfin chubs. His research interests include monitoring and conservation of imperiled fishes and crayfishes through studying habitat use, life history and capture rates as well as management of various sportfish species. He is particularly interested in how environmental disturbances and landscape alterations impact river, stream and lake ecology. In his free time, Dr. Davis enjoys fishing, hiking, athletics and spending time with his wife and son.