Bachelor of Science

Division of Mathematics, Science, & Technology

Mathematics is one of several Math, Science, and Technology degrees offered at YHC. A major in mathematics introduces students to a broad array of theoretical and applied fields in modern mathematics It also requires students to complete year-long sequences in the central areas of real analysis and abstract algebra.

The Math, Science, and Technology majors are all built on the same liberal arts core. The mathematics major is intentionally designed to make it easy for students to complete a minor. It is also possible to complete a double major.

You can also minor in math; details are below.

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What classes will you take?

  • A diverse set of classes in the liberal arts core
  • One year-long science sequence
  • Major classes in mathematics, including:
    • MATH 2450 – Introduction to Abstract Mathematics: The purpose of this course is to facilitate students’ transition to higher level math courses. Emphasis will be placed on using a variety of techniques to construct valid proofs concerning basic set theory, number systems (natural, integer, rational, real), countability, and convergence of sequences.
    • MATH 3610 – Differential Equations: This is an introductory course in ordinary differential equations. Topics include first order linear and nonlinear equations, second order linear equations, initial value problems, linear independence of solutions, variation of parameters, and applications.
    • MATH 4462 – Abstract Algebra II: This course is a continuation of MATH 4461. Some topics of this course are rings, integral domains, fields, polynomials over a field, matrices over a field, algebraic numbers and ideals.

What can you do with a degree in mathematics?

A major in mathematics prepares you for a range of graduate school and career options. Graduates may enter graduate programs in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, or related fields. Graduates may also pursue career opportunities in teaching, the financial industry, or with additional training, related fields such as computer science or engineering. The mathematics major develops transferrable skills, such as precise thinking, logical argumentation, and creative problem-solving, which can be major assets in almost any career path.

Math is also offered as a minor!

A minor in mathematics is an excellent supplement for any discipline of study. In particular, those pursuing careers in business, science, technology and engineering benefit from this added mathematical experience. The minor is designed to allow the experience to be tailored for maximum benefit with regard to future goals.

The minor in mathematics at Young Harris College affords students an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills that are necessary for the study of advanced mathematical topics and the ability to use more advanced mathematics in real-world applications.

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