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Institute for Leadership, Business and Public Policy

Young Harris College established the Institute for Leadership, Business and Public Policy in the Fall of 2015 to benefit business and public policy students, faculty, and partners in the private sector.

The Institute, under the direction of Associate Professor and Dean of Professional Studies Dr. Todd Jones, provides a mechanism for expanding the College’s ability to better prepare students for careers in business and government and increase competitiveness for graduate school acceptance.

The Institute also provides organizational development, executive coaching and succession planning consulting services to public and private sector organizations. These real-world examples help students understand the everyday challenges facing organizations and learn about innovative approaches to solving tough issues using change management strategies, human resource development approaches to increase supervisory and leadership performance, and applying techniques that build a talent pipeline to support organizational sustainability and growth for the long term.  

The Institute’s mission is fourfold:

  • The Institute will provide opportunities to pursue research grants offering YHC’s business and public policy faculty the ability to pursue research efforts.
  • Students will have the opportunity to work with a faculty member who serves as the principle investigator, providing them with research experience in further preparation for graduate study.
  • Provide opportunities to create collaborations with other subject matter experts on current topics.
  • Provide public and private sector clients with consulting services to deliver the latest concepts and ideas to solve real-world problems or build and deliver leadership development programs to expand a firm’s human capital leadership pipeline.


For more information about the Institute for Leadership, Business and Public Policy, contact Associate Professor and Dean of Professional Studies Dr. Todd Jones by email or call (706) 379-5213.