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Office of the Dean

Welcome to the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Social and behavioral sciences are one of the core areas of the liberal arts, which examine the relationships between people. Be it through the study of history and its examination of the events of the past and their impact on the present and future or sociology and its exploration of the societal interaction of groups of people, or one of the many other disciplines, the social and behavioral sciences lie at the heart of any course of study in higher education.

As you explore the various disciplines within the division, you will see the many ways we explore human behavior. I invite you to visit our pages on business and public policy so that you may learn about this valuable and unique degree combination. Take a look at outdoor leadership, an innovative degree that utilizes the natural beauty of the north Georgia mountains to prepare students for careers in outdoor-related activities. You might also want to visit our pages on psychology and learn what Young Harris College has to offer. Also, we have a full range of courses in our history degree.

Please take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences. If I, or any other members of the division, may be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lee March, Ph.D.
Dean, Division of Social and Behavioral Science