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Dare to embark on undiscovered paths. Explore the complexities of developmental, abnormal, learning and biological psychology. Learn more about yourself and others.

Our faculty are experts in the field, and the psychology program at Young Harris College focuses on scientific knowledge, explaining why people think and act the way they do. Our curriculum is traditional so you graduate with a broad background in psychology, instead of limiting your potential or specializing in any one topic—that’s what graduate school is for. 

Although this field is over a century old, there’s always something new to learn and interesting ways to apply your knowledge. Psych majors get involved with scientific research on campus, interdisciplinary work, student organizations and volunteer opportunities.

Students who choose to major in psychology are typically interested in working with and helping people—and not all jobs require advanced degrees. Our program will prepare you for careers in counseling, human resources, education, health, corrections, law, advertising, research, therapy and more. We’re also seeing more future doctors and nurses studying psychology to prepare for managing patients and staff.

View the Bachelor of Science in Psychology curriculum.

View the Psychology Minor curriculum.