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Sport Studies

The Sport Studies minor provides students with a broad cultural perspective on sport, leisure, and recreation, cultivating the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes for effective leadership in the field.

The program studies sport as a phenomenon of the human condition. Sport has long been a major part of our culture and many others, and remains a significant part of society - and students will get to study its place within these realms. They will also explore the significance of sport and its relationship to other social institutions such as the media, economy, family, education and politics.

Students will also develop a critical insight into the organizations and structures responsible for sport. They will appraise and evaluate the effects of sport on the participant. They will develop the moral and ethical foundations necessary to assume leadership roles in the sport, fitness, recreation, and leisure industry.

View the Sports Studies Minor curriculum.

Questions? Contact Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Sport Studies Jim Thomas.


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