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Admissions Criteria


Young Harris College attracts students who demonstrate the ability and motivation to succeed in rigorous liberal arts, science and professional programs. Young Harris College practices a rolling admission policy; however, students are encouraged to apply early in order to ensure adequate course offerings and housing availability. Applicants are considered for admission for fall or spring semesters. Students must be high school graduates (or have obtained a high school equivalency diploma) by the time they matriculate to Young Harris College. The application for admission is accessed at

Please send all official transcripts, test scores and admission documents to the Office of Admissions at the following address:


Young Harris College
Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 116
Young Harris, GA 30582


To learn more about the admission Documents required for your student type, Click the block below. 

Early College/Dual Enrollment

The Young Harris Early College program is targeted to outstanding high school students in the state of Georgia. With approval from their high school, juniors and seniors may satisfy high school course requirements by enrolling in courses at Young Harris College. All Early College courses offered by YHC are collegiate courses of high quality and rigor that allow students to obtain both high school and transferable college credit. 

Early College requirements are as follows:

  • Student must be a junior or senior at a public high school, private high school, or be homeschooled.
  • Minimum high school 3.0 academic GPA (as calculated by the Office of Admissions).
  • Earn a minimum combined score of 1050 (critical reading and math) on the SAT or a 21 composite ACT.
  • Students who have earned a 3.2 or higher high school academic GPA as calculated by the Office of Admissions do not need to submit test scores.  
  • If applicable, students also need to adhere to his/her high school eligibility requirements for participation.

Additional Dual Enrollment program information for the state of Georgia can be found at Students from outside the state of Georgia interested in taking classes at YHC while still in high school should contact the Office of Admissions at 800-241-3754 regarding admissions requirements and procedures for Early College.


High school students are eligible to apply after completing their junior year of high school. Acceptance to Young Harris College is based on the applicant’s high school grade point average. See Student Profile for the average GPA and test scores of incoming freshmen. Transcripts must be official and submitted directly from the high school. Students who submit a GED score in lieu of high school completion should submit a minimum college-ready score of 165 in each subject test section.  

Upon receipt of the application, official high school transcript(s), the Office of Admissions will review the student’s application file. If listed on the transcript(s), the Office of Admissions will use the Unweighted GPA supplied by the high school. If the Unweighted GPA is not plainly listed on the transcript(s), the Office of Admissions will calculate the student’s GPA based on all completed high school coursework.

Students who have below a 2.5 Unweighted GPA are required to complete an interview with the Office of Admissions to address academic pitfalls, scholastic attitude, and future educational goals. The Office of Admissions may also require the student to supply ACT or SAT scores to supplement the student’s application file. Young Harris College considers only the math and critical reading portions of the SAT. An assessment of the student’s college readiness will be assessed by the Office of Admissions.

Additionally, students coming to Young Harris College with Dual Enrollment credit from other colleges or universities must submit official college transcripts to receive credit for courses previously completed.

Home-Schooled Students

If a student is homeschooled, admission decisions are based on the student’s high school GPA and ACT or SAT scores. Along with the application for admission, students should send a transcript of high school work and official ACT or SAT scores. If the homeschool program has been conducted through a formal program, the transcript should be submitted directly from that homeschool organization. If the parents have designed the curriculum, the transcript should detail subjects studied. If a student has taken the GED, these scores should also be submitted. In some cases, GED scores may be required in order to complete the admissions process.

International Admission

Visit the International Students page to learn how to submit an application, submit official transcripts of academic records, complete the financial guarantee statement, find out more about English proficiency and the Scholastic Aptitude Test, and get additional information about deadlines, scholarships, health insurance, immunizations and more.


Students who have previously attended Young Harris College, with a gap semester or more between attendance, and wish to re-enroll should complete the Application for Readmission. If a student did not attend another institution, he or she is accepted as long as there is not a hold on the student’s account. If a student has attended another institution after Young Harris College, he or she must submit official transcripts of coursework to the Office of Admissions and complete the Student Transfer Form.

Transfer Admission

Students seeking to transfer to Young Harris College should complete the application for admission. 

Students who have completed 30 or more credit hours of academic-level college coursework must submit official transcript(s) from all previously attended institutions, as well as a Student Transfer Form. If a student has completed less than 30 hours of college credit, he/she must also submit an official high school transcript, in addition to the official college transcript(s). 

Young Harris College will inform students of the amount of transfer credit accepted by the College prior to enrollment. Students on academic probation at the institution last attended, if admitted, will be admitted to Young Harris College on probation.

In order to graduate from Young Harris College, transfer students must meet all graduation requirements that were in place at the time of their admission to the College. Please note that admission to the college does not necessarily guarantee admission to certain degree programs that may require additional steps. 

Transient Admission

Young Harris College will accept transient students from other institutions. The parent institution must send a letter of transient permission to the Office of Admissions to initiate the process. No standardized test scores are required for transient admission. 

YHC invites applications from all persons, without regard to race, creed, sex, handicap or national origin.