Hi everyone!

This week I wanted to fill you in on the part of campus that has been my home for the past three years. My sophomore year, I moved in to The Village and have lived there ever since. The Village is set up as on-campus apartments and is somewhat secluded from other residence halls, so it’s really like our own little piece of campus. There are small lawn areas where students grill out, play corn hole or just relax in the rocking chairs on their front porches. The Village was built in two installments- the first produced eight buildings, each with five apartments that have four private bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a full kitchen. The second installment was in the fall of 2012 and produced five more buildings. It’s a great resident option for students who want a little bit more independence and to experience living in an apartment setting. Personally, I love having my own room. Not that I did not enjoy having a roommate, but being able to retreat to a space that is entirely your own is very relaxing and a great place to study quietly. I feel like I have become more responsible living in The Village because I’ve been able to be more independent.

Having a kitchen is probably the biggest responsibility I’ve had to tackle. I really do enjoy cooking; however, I’m terrible at it. I’ve had more than one kitchen mishap during my time in The Village, including burning toast and setting off the fire alarm. Yes, you read correctly, I have set off the fire alarm twice this semester alone! You may be asking, “How in the world does that happen?” Let me explain: The first time, three of my friends and I were attempting to fry Oreos. (If you’ve never had a fried Oreo, stop reading, go make some and then finish reading). The recipe is fairly simple—heat up a small pot of cooking oil, dunk the Oreo in Bisquick batter and fry. Well, as soon as we placed our first battered Oreo in the oil, POP! The oil immediately went crazy and the fire alarm began to blare throughout the entire building. We immediately took the pan outside and waited for the fire department to arrive. We had gotten the oil too hot, and that’s what triggered the alarm. Afterwards, and very cautiously, we tried again and successfully fried Oreos that night.

The second time I was trying to make a nice, simple dinner for my boyfriend. I heated up a pan and just poured a small amount of oil into it and it immediately set the alarm off again. This time, there were a bunch of people outside throwing Frisbee on the lawn so they witnessed the entire process of having the fire department come. I was so embarrassed, especially because the first incident happened only a week before. Fortunately, there were no actual flames or smoke involved in either cooking mishap, and I have learned to be cautious when cooking with any kind of oil since it heats up so quickly. Even though neither of these experiences was pleasant, I’m glad I’m in a space where I can explore the amenity of being able to cook for myself and with my friends.

The Village has definitely given me a learning experience as far as “living on my own” goes. It has provided me with a space whereI can grow and feel more mature on a day-to-day basis because it’s a larger space I have to maintain. I’ve definitely been spoiled by everything The Village has to offer, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

Until next week,