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Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership


The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership is designed for students looking for an online degree program to gain leadership knowledge and competencies. The program is offered 100% online, and the courses can be taken at the student’s convenience. Employers may opt to use this program for training purposes as they develop leadership pipelines.

Students in this program can expect to learn:

  • The roles of leadership in creating a successful and sustainable organization
  • Successful supervisory management approaches
  • The requirements for leading an organization through man-made and natural disasters and the planning process necessary to create organizational continuity of operations as a preparedness strategy and in building a resilient organization
  • How to foster an entrepreneurial spirit that leads to creativity and innovation
  • Decision making skills that increase efficiency and effectiveness of operations
  • Negotiation skills that produce better outcomes with employees, customers and other stakeholders
Additionally, students will complete a leadership action learning research project. This program teaches well-documented and researched leadership principles that can be applied immediately.


PSYC 1102 Introduction to Psychology
ACCT 2101 Principles of Accounting I
ACCT 2102 Principles of Accounting II
ECON 1000 Fundamentals of Economics
MATH 2000 Elementary Statistics
BUSP 3010 Ethics in Business and Public Policy
BUSP 3020 Organizational Behavior
BUSP 3150 Business Law
BUSP 4000 Principles of Leadership
BUSP 4250 Decision Making and Operations Management
ORGL Negotiation and Group Dynamics
ORGL Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management
ORGL Crisis Leadership and Organizational Continuity
ORGL Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation
ORGL Leadership Action Learning Research Project

$331.50 per credit hour