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Media Communications Policy

The Office of Communications and Marketing, within the Office of Advancement, is responsible for all media relations for Young Harris College. This includes issuing official college press releases and responding to, or coordinating the response to, media inquiries. In addition to the President of the College, the Director of Communications and Marketing is the designated college spokesperson during crisis situations and in all matters concerning College activities, policies, procedures, students, and employees.

All employees, faculty or staff, contacted by any media representatives (television, radio, newspaper, magazine, etc.) with questions about policies, procedures, or general college information should direct those calls and inquiries to the Office of Communications and Marketing. Individuals contacted for comments, opinions, or as experts in their fields of study are encouraged to respond, at their own discretion, to questions relating to their areas of expertise if they are authorized to do so within their division. They should notify the Office of Communications and Marketing that a media representative has contacted them.

Faculty members should not represent themselves as spokespersons for Young Harris College unless authorized to do so. When public comments are offered by faculty members of Young Harris College, it is expected that the comments will relate directly to their individual area(s) of expertise. In those cases, faculty may use the College's name and give their title to establish or reinforce their credentials.

Since proactive media relations are an integral element of the College's communications program, any ideas or suggestions for articles or stories that would positively portray the College, its work, or its community should be submitted to the Office of Communications and Marketing.

If a representative of the media (television, radio, newspaper, magazine, etc.) is on campus and approaches students, faculty, or staff for comments about College policy or activities, please direct them to the Office of Communications and Marketing before making any comments.

It is also necessary that the Office of Communications and Marketing be notified of any negative incidents that are likely to rise to the level of a news story.

Adherence to these policies will enable us to present the most consistent, positive image of Young Harris College to the public.

Young Harris College Advertising/Promotional Policy

To ensure that all material released to the public relating to events or activities at Young Harris College is accurate, consistent, and represents the College in the most positive light, any advertisement (print, radio, television, etc.), public service announcement, promotional item (flyers, mailers, etc.), brochure, or other collateral material must be reviewed by the Office of Communications and Marketing before it is printed or submitted for publication or broadcast.

This includes special activities sponsored by College organizations (forums, guest speakers, special events, etc.) or activities hosted by Young Harris College faculty or staff (presentations, concerts, summer camps, etc.).

Materials should be submitted to the Office of Communications and Marketing at least ten working days before the material is to be printed, released or posted.

Policy No.  881  Issued  11/24/2008  Applicable  8/17/2011

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