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YHC Class Coordinators Challenge Fellow Alumni to Give Back

February 2015

Young Harris College recently kicked off the annual Class Scholarship Challenge, a fun and easy way for alumni from across generations to give back to the College and pay it forward to a deserving YHC student. 

Alumni Board Member and Class Coordinator Tommy Drake, ’82, of Blairsville, believes in the power of supporting the institution that helped shape him. One of the ways he chooses to do that is through the Class Scholarship Challenge.  

“It feels good to give back,” said Drake. “We're benefiting students and everyone they will ever come in contact with. One day, these students will do exactly the same by supporting an institution that has meant so much to them and another generation of the brightest and best.” 

Organized by Class Coordinators, the Class Scholarship Challenge encourages each alumni class to raise $1,000 or more each year for scholarships awarded every fall to current and incoming YHC students. 

“I’d been a Class Coordinator for several years and kept saying that we needed a job and a goal,” recalls Drake. “Now we are able to demonstrate that any gift—large or small—makes a huge difference in the lives of students.” 

Last year, 56 classes participated in the challenge, and 27 surpassed the $1,000 goal. More than $89,000 was raised, representing an increase of more than $30,000 from the challenge held in 2012-2013.

“This project has accomplished a number of things,” said Drake. “We have a great reason to keep in contact with our classmates in a consistent manner, we have friendly competition between classes and Class Coordinators, and we support YHC students.”

Alumni interested in participating can make a gift now marked for the Class Scholarship Challenge, make a gift online or call the Office of Advancement at (706) 379-5173.
“What started as a very modest effort is likely to raise over $100,000 in direct scholarships in 2015,” said Drake. “The smaller, collective efforts of many individuals can have a great impact.”