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What is Phonathon?

Phonathon is an annual program run by the Young Harris College Office of Advancement. We hire a team of students and train them to call alumni of the College in order to build relationships and raise support for YHC. Phonathon is the easiest way to pledge your support to the Young Harris College Annual Fund. Annual gifts through the Annual Fund go to work immediately to meet the College’s most important needs and priorities.

Why are alumni gifts important?

Alumni giving represents an ongoing vote of support to Young Harris College. Foundations and organizations that rank universities consider alumni participation an indicator of the strength and quality of an institution.

Why do students work for Phonathon?

Because they love YHC and want to help the school they love. Students also realize that helping YHC is helping themselves. Gifts made through the Phonathon support initiatives that are important to students and to YHC, like funding scholarships, supporting great faculty and underwriting new academic programs. It also allows students to make personal connections with YHC alumni, giving them a chance to learn about the College’s past, hear first-hand accounts of stories and memories from their days at the College, share common interests and even network their way into an internship or job after graduation.

How successful is Phonathon?

During the Fall 2015 Phonathon, student callers raised $46,398 in gifts and pledges from 529 alumni of the College. Many YHC alumni consider the Phonathon as their preferred method of supporting the College. Thanks to everyone who answered the call!

When to Expect Your Call

We host one eight-nine week calling session in the fall of each fiscal year. When you see “Young Harris College” on your caller ID, please pick up the phone! Hard to reach you by phone? You can still support YHC by making your online gift right now on our secure site.

Giving Opportunities