Student Opportunities for leadership through Engagement (SOLE) Application

Please note the following:
  • Applicants may not work with any other work study program if they are selected and choose to join the SOLE program.
  • Applications are due before April 15th of the Spring semester to be considered for the Fall semester. 


Please ask two persons to write letters of reference for you. Both should be knowledgeable about your involvement in community service and/or your family responsibilities (for example, teachers, coaches, counselors, neighbors, or religious leaders, etc.). Applications will be considered incomplete until both reference letters are received. Those may be sent via email to or mailed to:
Jacqueline Bruen
Young Harris College
1 College Street
Young Harris, GA 30582
Phone: 706-379-5139
Personal Contact Information
Short Response Questions
Please respond thoughtfully to the following questions. They are designed to give you an opportunity to relate your experiences that qualify you to be a member of the Young Harris SOLE program.