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AlcoholEdu and Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates


As part of our comprehensive alcohol prevention program, Young Harris College requires all new incoming students to complete AlcoholEdu for College. This online, science-based course provides students with both the information and motivation they need to protect their health and safety as it relates to drugs and alcohol. The course is interactive and delivers a personalized experience to all types of students based on their current drinking choices. Each year, more than half a million students complete AlcoholEdu nationwide. Young Harris College is happy to be among the hundreds of colleges that use this program to educate and empower students to make healthy lifestyle choices.

SExual assault prevention for undergraduates

All new incoming YHC students must complete Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates. This course addresses the critical issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and sexual harassment. The course is designed to give students a foundation of knowledge and helps them establish positive attitudes, perceptions, and healthy behaviors surrounding interpersonal relationships. The course offers information to help students identify healthy and unhealthy relationships, understand the impact of alcohol on consent, and feel empowered to help create a safe and healthy community at YHC.

Both AlcoholEdu and Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates contain personalized surveys. All survey responses are confidential; the college will only receive information about the participant group as a whole and will never see individual answers.

Key Dates

See below for the deadlines to complete Part 1 and Part 2 of both AlcoholEdu and Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates. Failure to complete both Part 1 and Part 2 of each course by the deadlines may result in disciplinary action including, but not limited to, a $50 failure to comply fine per course and an administrative STOP placed on your YHC account. An administrative STOP will prevent you from registering for classes, dropping and/or adding courses, and obtaining a copy of your transcript.



  • Everfi Open: January 9
  • Deadline for Part One: February 1 
  • Deadline for Part Two: April 9