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The Student Conduct Council hears allegations of student misconduct involving violations of the Student Code of Conduct. In cases where a student or student organization is found responsible for violating one or more Standards of Conduct, the Student Conduct Council assigns an appropriate and equitable penalty. The Student Conduct Council is comprised of 12 to 15 upperclassmen (sophomores or above) who serve as members of the Student Disciplinary Board and Traffic Appeals Board. Students interested in joining the Student Conduct Council should download an application by clicking here.


YHC Peer Educators (formerly known as Campus Leaders Advocating Wellness or C.L.A.W.) work in conjunction with various offices and departments on campus to create an environment that is inclusive and respectful of all. Through small-group trainings and workshops, YHC Peer Educators seek to promote positive decision-making and healthy lifestyle choices. Throughout the academic year, YHC Peer Educators host several awareness and prevention weeks regarding mental health, sexual assault and violence, and alcohol and drug issues. The group also facilitates bystander intervention trainings and conducts diversity and inclusion workshops. Applications to be a Peer Educator are available by clicking here.