Rules & Policies

The following rules and policies have been created by Young Harris College Campus Recreation to ensure the quality of use and safety of its participants. The information is important to assist members in utilizing the facility. It is the responsibility of each participant to read and understand all rules and regulations associated with the various areas of the facility. Questions can be directed to Campus Recreation staff members. 


Accident and Incident Investigation Reports

These reports may be utilized any time a community member is hurt or involved in an incident while visiting the YHC Recreation Center.

An Accident Investigation Report should be completed when an individual is hurt while using the college facilities or on campus. A separate form should be completed by each individual hurt in the accident, all witness contact information should be included and the injured should sign the form. If the injured refuses Emergency Medical Services to be called, the form must be signed.

An Incident Investigation Report should be completed when an individual has a complaint or is involved in an incident warranting further investigation.

If the situation is an emergency, the YHC Police Department should be notified by dialing 9-911 on a campus phone. The YHC Police Department should also be called if a Police Report is required.



  • A current valid Young Harris College ID card or key tag must be presented to enter the facility.  Attempting to enter the facility using false identification will result in confiscation and/or suspension of privileges.
  • Members must be 16 years of age or older to utilize the facility. 
  • Alcohol, non-prescription drugs and tobacco products are not permitted.
  • Food and beverages are permitted only in the Lobby.  Water in a spill proof, unbreakable container is permitted in the Recreation Center activity areas.
  • Non-marking athletic shoes must be worn in all activity areas.
  • Participants are expected to act responsibly and respect others.  Unacceptable or irresponsible behavior may result in being asked to leave the facility, suspension or revoked privileges to the facility. 
  • Photography and/or videotaping are only permitted after obtaining permission from the Campus Recreation Director and/or the Director of Camps and Conferences.
  • Cell phone use is not permitted in locker room areas.
  • Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.  Personal belongings must be stored in lockers or cubbies only. 
  • Please consult a physician prior to engaging in physical activity.  Campus Recreation is not responsible for accidents or injuries that occur due to the nature of the activity.
  • Injuries, accidents or equipment failures must be immediately reported to Campus Recreation staff.
  • Bicycles, strollers and in-line skates are not permitted in the facility.
  • Animals are not permitted in the facility unless assisting disabled individuals.
  • Posting announcements, flyers, posters, etc., on building walls, windows, lockers, and/or doors are not permitted unless given permission by Campus Recreation.
  • The use of Campus Recreation phones for personal use is prohibited.
  • When the fire alarm sounds, all occupants of the building must evacuate.



  • A non-marking closed athletic shoe must be worn at all times. 
  • Shirts must be worn at all times.  No shirts vs skins games permitted.
  • Personal belongings are prohibited and must be stored in a locker or cubbies.
  • Activity in this area is primarily unsupervised and inappropriate behavior will not
  • be tolerated.  Participants engaged in rough play, fighting, or using profanity will be asked to leave the facility immediately.
  • Hanging on nets or rims is prohibited.
  • Spitting is not permitted.
  • Baseball , football, frisbee, soccer golf and other activities or equipment deemed unsafe in this environment is prohibited unless permission is given by Campus Recreation.
  • Courts are prioritized for informal recreation in sports of basketball and volleyball.
  • Basketball games are played to 12 points – win by two or 15 straight.
  • Volleyball games will be played to 15 points – best two of three wins.
  • Winning teams may stay on the court for no more than two consecutive games.
  • Some scheduled activities may take priority over open recreation.  Changes in the schedule will be posted. 



  • Appropriate athletic attire must be worn at all times.  Generally this consists of closed-toe athletic shoes, athletic pants/shorts, t-shirt, sweatshirt and/or tank top.  Patrons are not allowed to exercise in jeans, dress pants, button-down shirts, skirts, dress or open-toe shoes.
  • Water in a spill proof, unbreakable container is the only drink permitted.  No food is permitted.
  • Personal belongings must be kept in a locker or cubbies.  Fitness staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Patrons should use extreme caution in lifting weights to avoid any potential injuries to themselves or others.
  • Do not attempt to use equipment if you are unfamiliar with the proper use.  Fitness assistants are available.
  • All dumbbells and weights must be returned to the appropriate storage area after use.
  • Use of weight collars is required at all times.
  • Spotters are recommended on all lifts.
  • Chalk is prohibited.
  • Patrons must wipe down the equipment with a sanitary wipe after use.  Please be considerate to others.
  • Equipment must be used in the manner for which it is designed.  Do not attempt to modify equipment. 
  • Standing on benches or equipment frames is prohibited.
  • Dropping weights is prohibited, as it damages the equipment.  Please refrain from propping the weights up against walls, mirror or pillars.
  • Top loading additional weight onto the weight stack machines is prohibited.
  • All equipment must remain in the area it was placed.  Do not move equipment from one location to another.
  • When using cardiovascular equipment, please be aware and considerate of other patrons who may be waiting to use this equipment.
  • During periods of high use, a 30 minute maximum will be instituted for all equipment.



  • Soft-soled, closed-toe, non-marking athletic shoes are required for all cardiovascular and resistance training classes.  Shoe removal is appropriate in Yoga and flexibility training classes.
  • Participants are highly encouraged to arrive to class on time.  Late participants may be denied entry to class, at the instructor’s discretion, due to the importance of a sufficient warm-up period. 
  • It is highly recommended that participants stay for the entire Group Fitness class to ensure participation in the proper cool-down phase of class.
  • Equipment must remain in the studio and be returned to its proper location after use.  Equipment from other areas may not be brought into the studios.  Equipment should be used for the manner for which it is designed.



  • To enter a Group Fitness class, participants must wait outside of the studio until the instructor allows everyone inside. 
  • Group Fitness class entry is on a drop-in basis and will be open on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Group Fitness class size is may be limited based on equipment.
  • Group Fitness classes are free and only require proper access to the facility.
  • Campus Recreation reserves the right to cancel any class on the basis of low attendance.



  • Run/Jog/Walk clockwise on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
  • Run/Jog/Walk counter clockwise Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • Inner lane is designated for walkers, middle lane for joggers and out lane designated for runners.
  • Faster runners/joggers have right of way, pass on the outside lanes.
  • Stretching areas are located around the track.



When a patron of the Recreation Center has violated a policy, he/she is subject to disciplinary action.  Examples of offenses include, but are not limited to:  false use of identification, destruction of property, theft of property, trespassing, aiding or abetting, verbal or physical harm inflicted upon an employee or patron.

Procedure for reporting a violation:

  1. Contact the nearest staff member.
  2. Use discretion when approaching the party involved.
  3. If necessary, Campus Police will be called.
  4. The incident will be documented by filling out an incident report.
  5. The party involved may be escorted out of the building.
  6. A Campus Recreation professional staff member will follow up by contacting individuals involved and will render a decision based on all available information.
  7. If the incident involves a student, the Division of Student Development will be contacted. 
  8. All documents will be filed and used in case of future infractions.

Possible sanctions:

  • Patron receives verbal/written warning.
  • Patron receives suspension.
  • Patron’s membership is rescinded.

Multiple Incidents:

  • Second infraction results in immediate suspension.
  • Upon review, membership will be suspended or rescinded.