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Chaplain and Dean of the Chapel
(706) 379-5166

Greetings from the Enchanted Valley! In my short time at YHC as the Chaplain and Dean of the Chapel, the involvement of students in Religious Life continues to amaze and challenge me. As students find their home on campus, they are able to have a transformative experience inside and outside the classroom. Through the work of the Office of Religious Life, students can grow in their personal faith commitments while learning and experiencing the traditions of other Christian denominations and world religions. YHC students care for the diversity represented on campus, while seeking to faithfully grow in their own religious commitments. Every day of the week offers students the opportunity to be involved with the various Religious Life groups on campus. These organizations thrive because they are student centered and student led. The thoughtful work of the Inter-Religious Council supports, empowers, and educates the campus community about the diverse religious traditions of this world. Religious Life will be a vital part of the campus experience for YHC students. And I am honored to work alongside students, support students, and guide students as they seek to grow, serve, and respond faithfully during their four years on campus and beyond the enchanted valley.

Peace and Grace,
Rev. Blair Tolbert
Chaplain and Dean of the Chapel