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First Year Foundations

The offices of Student Development and Academic Affairs have partnered to create unique experiences for first-year students. Our First Year Foundations (FOUN 1000) class is designed to provide support and encouragement to new students  to help ensure personal and academic success. All students who enter the institution as full-time, first-time degree-seeking undergraduate students must complete the FYF course during their first semester. Students who actively engage in the class are more likely to be successful and have a more enriching college experience. As part of this experience, all students are asked to read a "common book" prior to arriving on campus.

What is First Year Foundations?

The First Year Foundations course (FOUN 1000) provides an opportunity for students to work with a YHC faculty or staff member and an upper-class student peer mentor to help them understand what it takes to succeed in college. First-year students will work through adjusting to college, learning to manage time and stress, setting priorities and understanding academics and campus life. The First Year Foundations course is a great way to begin life as a college student.

The two-credit hour course serves as a general education elective. The class meets during a student’s first semester, which is exactly the time when incoming students are finding their way and forming college goals.

FYF Primary Objectives

  •  Institutional Connectedness: Provide a deeper understanding of YHC and how to get the most out of your time as a student.
  •  Personal Relationships: Foster the development of meaningful relationships with students, faculty, staff and the community.
  •  Academic Foundations: Lay the foundation for relevant life and academic skills.
  •  Self Discovery: Connecting inherent strengths and passions to academic areas of interest and careers.   
  •  Civic Engagement: Exposure to life outside of YHC.

For more information, email or call the directors of the program Louisa Franklin at (706) 379-5164 and Angi Smith at (706) 379-5170.

First Year Foundations Instructors/Peer Mentors (Fall 2016)

Jenn Schroeder/Monica Ramirez-Leon
Danae Turchyn/Thomas Cook
Stuart Miller/Mikala Jones
Kendall Marchman/Samantha Jones
Emily Richardson/Emilyann Pittman J
amie Miller/Breanna Rucker
Amy Brock/Jessica Kirby
Baishali Ray/Mallory Skolds
Jennifer Manous/Rebecca Herring
Dani Godin/Jada Williams
Jared Sandler/Anna Dyer
Kelsey Dillard/Cassidy Lecours
Mike Elrod/Allie Weldon
Alison Smith/Julie Jaeger
LeAnn Waldroup/Sazma Al-Rashid and Kayla Tucker 
Halee Brown/Cassidy Starling
Louisa Franklin/Carlyn Hearn
Mary Land/Kenneth Boykin
Chris Crawford/Keeley Adkisson
Whitney Douglas Buser/Sheldon Clark
Margaret Forrester/Parker Sewell
Chad Gray/Holly Nunn
Anna Dussler/Karly Zacharias
Matt Morena/Savannah Ledford
Angi Smith/Mayra Leyva and Olivia Madden