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First Year Foundations

The offices of Student Development and Academic Affairs have partnered to create unique experiences for first-year students. Our First Year Foundations (FOUN 1000) class is designed to provide support and encouragement to new students  to help ensure personal and academic success. All students who enter the institution as full-time, first-time degree-seeking undergraduate students must complete the FYF course during their first semester. Students who actively engage in the class are more likely to be successful and have a more enriching college experience. As part of this experience, all students are asked to read a "common book" prior to arriving on campus.

Faculty and Staff: Instructor Application

Students: Peer Mentor Application

What is First Year Foundations?

The First Year Foundations course (FOUN 1000) provides an opportunity for students to work with a YHC faculty or staff member and an upper-class student peer mentor to help them understand what it takes to succeed in college. First-year students will work through adjusting to college, learning to manage time and stress, setting priorities and understanding academics and campus life. The First Year Foundations course is a great way to begin life as a college student.

The two-credit hour course serves as a general education elective. The class meets during a student’s first semester, which is exactly the time when incoming students are finding their way and forming college goals.

FYF Primary Objectives

  •  Institutional Connectedness: Provide a deeper understanding of YHC and how to get the most out of your time as a student.
  •  Personal Relationships: Foster the development of meaningful relationships with students, faculty, staff and the community.
  •  Academic Foundations: Lay the foundation for relevant life and academic skills.
  •  Self Discovery: Connecting inherent strengths and passions to academic areas of interest and careers.   
  •  Civic Engagement: Exposure to life outside of YHC.

For more information, email or call the co-directors of the program, Louisa Franklin at (706) 379-5164 and Dr. Bryan Hayse at (706) 379-5174.

First Year Foundations  Instructors (Fall 2014)


Academic Advisor

(706) 379-5048

Section: 01
Peer Mentor: Roman Martin

Dr. Whitney Buser

Assistant Professor of Business and Public Policy


Section: 04
Peer Mentor: Wade Orr

Dr. Mark Brunner

Assistant Professor of Education

(706) 379-5101

Section: 19
Peer Mentor: Jade Smith




Cathy Cox

YHC President

(706) 379-5137

Section: 08
Peer Mentor: Shaw Carter




Dr. Eric Dickman

Religion and Philosophy Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Reliigous Studies

(706) 379-5122

Section: 22
Peer Mentor: Nicole Drake

Anna Dussler

Part-time Evening Library Supervisor

(706) 379-4313

Section: 13
Peer Mentor: Breann Lindsey

Rob Dussler

Outdoor Leadership Department Chair and Instructor of Outdoor Leadership

(706) 379-5113

Section: 16
Peer Mentor: Zachary Champion

Dr. Margaret Forrester

Professor of Chemistry

(706) 379-5152

Section: 02
Peer Mentor: Madison Perdue

mary land

Senior Instructor of Music and Director of Bands

(706) 379-5244

Section: 20
Peer Mentor: Allison Arnold

David Leopard

Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration


Section: 12
Peer Mentor: Parker Sewell


Hilary Martin

Resident Director (The Towers, Hillgrove)

(706) 379-5190

Section: 18
Peer Mentor: Gina Dropp


jaime Miller

Coordinator, Mentor and Career Leadership Program

(706) 379-5028

Section: 11
Peer Mentor: Stephanie Mimbs


Stuart Miller

Assistant Dean of Students

(706) 379-5300

Section: 14
Peer Mentor: Mikala Jones


Rev. Dr. Tim Moore

Dean of the Chapel, Minister to the College and Assistant Professor of Religious Studies - See more at:
Dean of the Chapel, Minister to the College and Assistant Professor of Religious Studies - See more at:

Dean of the Chapel, Minister to the College and Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

(706) 379-5166

Section: 07
Peer Mentor: April Hobbs


jenny Pate

Career Mentoring Specialist

(706) 379-5349

Section: 17
Peer Mentor: Georgia Googer


Lynne Nation

Associate Professor of Mathematics

(706) 379-5151


Section: 25
Peer Mentor: Melissa Powell


Vince Robelotto

Adjunct Instructor of Business and Public Policy and Human Resources Director

(706) 379-5272

Section: 06
Peer Mentor: Mallory Skolds


Blair Stapleton

Reference Librarian 

(706) 379-5198

Section: 24
Peer Mentor: Meaghan Adams


Rusty Royston

Physical Plant Operations Manager and Adjunct Instructor of Communication Studies

(706) 379-5039

Section: 26
Peer Mentor: Caden Boullon


Angi Smith

Vice President for Student Development

(706) 379-5170

Section: 09
Peer Mentor: Joe Appolonia

Dr. Natalia Starostina

Associate Professor of History

(706) 379-5140

Section: 05
Peer Mentor: Brandon Hollis

Danae Turchyn

Instructor of Outdoor Leadership and Assistant Director of the Outdoor Leadership Center

(706) 379-5108

Section: 23
Peer Mentor: Abby Larson

Amanda Voegel

Resident Director (Appleby Complex, Rollins)

(706) 379-5274

Section: 03
Peer Mentor: Diane Mouangkham

Jeremy Waltman

Assistant Professor of Art


Section: 15
Peer Mentor: Sazma Al-Rashid