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Cost at a glance

Our cost breakdown covers the essentials of college life—from affordable credit hours to housing and meals, plus textbooks, at no additional cost. Each student’s journey is unique. Explore your estimated costs with our tuition calculator.


Tuition Calculator

$43,805 2024-2025 Full year, residential

Base tuition
Meal plan
Appleby Center
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98% of students receive scholarships.

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Base tuition cost

We offer a value-packed education with a transparent cost.

Full-time students

Full-time students at Young Harris College pay a fixed rate for 12 to 18 semester hours, with extra fees applicable for any hours exceeding 18 per semester.

Full-year tuition: $30,800

Part-time students

Part-time students taking fewer than 12 semester hours will be billed $1,025 per credit hour.

All students must settle their accounts fully before registering or reserving housing for the subsequent semester. For more information, contact the Business Office.

Complete cost breakdown for 2024-2025:

Cost of Attendance (PDF)


Our safe, comfortable, and vibrant on-campus housing is more than just a place to sleep. It’s your home away from home, where lifelong friendships are made. Contact the Office of Residence Life for more information.

Appleby Center

Double-room occupancy: $5,500 per year.

Appleby West

Double-room occupancy: $5,500 per year.


Double-room occupancy: $6,000 per year.


Double-room occupancy: $6,000 per year.


Double-room occupancy: $7,000 per year.


Double-room occupancy: $8,000 per year.


Double-room occupancy: $8,000 per year.


Single-room occupancy: $11,000 per year.


With our meal plans, you’ll enjoy diverse and nutritious options for refueling your body and mind. Meal times are more than just food—they’re an opportunity to engage, unwind, and recharge.

Unlimited meal plan

$5,800 per year. Includes $150 in dining dollars per semester.

Village 10 meal plan

$4,300 per year. Includes $250 in dining dollars per semester.
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Free textbooks

Your pursuit of knowledge shouldn’t be hindered by the cost of textbooks. That’s why textbooks are included in your tuition at no extra cost, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your chosen subjects.

Special fees

We believe in complete transparency with our special fees, covering smaller items that are essential to your college experience. You may need to pay additional fees for your chosen major or program.

Part-time tuition charge

$1,025 (per hour, less than 12 hours)

Overload charge (per hour), over 18 hours:

$200 (per hour, over 18 hours)

Student fee

$1,500 (per year)

Parking fee


New student enrollment deposit


Returning tuition deposit


Green fee

$5 (per year)

Course fee

Select courses that require the purchase of consumable materials (science labs, art skills) may have additional fees, as noted in the catalog.



$500 per credit hour

Student Fee

$375 per student