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At Young Harris College, discarded items are being reused or recycled. New buildings are being constructed to U.S. Green Building Council standards. Alternative energy sources are being explored. Students are forming alliances and finding ways to make a difference on campus and beyond.

Rollins Campus Center

Green facilities

  • Rollins Campus Center is LEED Gold certified
  • Enotah Hall residence hall is LEED Silver certified
  • The Recreation and Fitness Center, The Village and The Towers are LEED Certified
  • Enotah, Hillgrove and Manget residence halls have geothermal heating and cooling systems
  • The YHC Fine Arts Annex has an environmentally-friendly pervious concrete pad to reduce runoff
a couple of women standing next to a waterfall

Sustainability in academics

  • YHC offers an interdisciplinary minor program in sustainability.
  • Our Beekeeping Institute addresses green and non-chemical beekeeping. It also hosts beekeeping classes, lectures and workshops for students and the public.
  • The YHC Hemlock Project conducts research for a non-chemical solution to the hemlock wooly adelgid.
  • Our organic gardening classes teach students, faculty and staff to grow their own food using natural fertilizers and organic pesticides.
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Campus sustainability groups

Faculty, staff and students are constantly instituting new programs and initiatives to ensure that sustainability remains a top priority on campus. Joining a group is one of the best ways to have an impact both on and off campus.

  • YHC Sustainability Committee
  • Student Government Association, Sustainability Subcommittee
  • Project Artemas
  • YHC student chapter of Roots & Shoots

The Swap Shop

The Swap Shop supports the exchange of unwanted items to reduce waste in landfills and the demand for new items with their heavy manufacturing impact on the environment. The Swap Shop has a large range of items, including clothing, school supplies, dorm furnishings, kitchen items, bedding, accessories, craft supplies, electronics, and more.

Members of the Young Harris College community are encouraged to bring in items in good condition that they no longer need and swap them for items they now require. For further information about the Swap Shop, contact Jackie Bruen.

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Outdoor activities

Outdoor recreation is a huge part of life at YHC. Explore the Enchanted Valley!

Campus Visit Tour

Visit campus

See the fruits of our sustainability efforts in person when you tour campus.