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Intro class for all first-year students

All freshmen students are required to take our Mountain Lion 1000 (MTLN 1000) program in their first semester. In your MTLN 1000 class, a faculty or staff member and a peer mentor will show you how not just to survive, but rather to thrive in your first year of college.

The mission of the Mountain Lion 1000 program is to support entering first year students in making a successful transition into the scholarly life and social community at Young Harris College by providing opportunities for personal growth through academic planning, decision making, and using support services.

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What you’ll learn as a Mountain Lion

This course teaches you how to:

  • Set goals and manage them
  • Motivate yourself for academic success
  • Manage your time wisely and study efficiently
  • Be a good campus community member

MTLN 1000 course description

Mountain Lion 1000 will facilitate students’ transition to Young Harris College and encourage the development of foundational skills for academic and personal success. Students will learn how to become members of the college community and engaged citizens in a broader world. By the end of the course, students will explore their personal, geographic, and cultural contexts; identify personal goals and values; develop core literacies and critical thinking skills for scholarly inquiry; and establish organizational and time-management habits.

Student learning outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate efforts to explore connections with diverse members of the college and local communities
  • Identify personal goals and values
  • Demonstrate information literacy skills necessary for scholarly inquiry
  • Explain how the academic services and policies of Young Harris College support the liberal arts approach to education