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The mace

The mace is carried by the Faculty Marshal as a symbol of the authority of Young Harris College to confer degrees. Originally a weapon of war, the mace came to be used as an emblem of military power and civil authority. The most senior member of the faculty carries the mace in the academic procession.

Created in 2011 by artisan Nick Cook of the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, N.C., the YHC mace is carved from native North Georgia cherry wood. The three bands of gold leafing represent the Holy Trinity. Four bronze medallions flank the sides at the top; two depict the YHC seal and two portray The United Methodist Church seal. The top of the mace is hand-carved in the shape of a flame which is symbolic of the flame on the United Methodist seal.

a couple of men in graduation gowns

The college seal

In addition to its presence on the mace, the Young Harris College seal appears during the Commencement ceremony on the purple baccalaureate degree candidate stoles, the Young Harris College Medallion and the President’s academic regalia.

The original seal was designed circa 1925 by Birdie Miller, mother of Zell B. Miller, ’51, and art professor at YHC from 1923 to 1925. The circular design depicts the “Double Knob” mountain. The foreground features two columns suggestive of the fieldstone columns that appear on the College’s main brick plaza.

An arch connecting the two columns bears the Latin phrase “Hic Iuventus Incenditur,” which translates to the College’s traditional academic motto, “Here Youth Are Inspired.” A winding path leads toward the mountain landscape, symbolic of a scholar’s college journey.

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The medallion

Each year since 1969, the Young Harris College Medallion has been awarded to an alumnus, alumna, or friend who has made extraordinary contributions to the College. It is the highest honor given by the College.

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The gonfalon

A banner suspended on a crossbar, the academic gonfalon was designed in 2011 as part of Young Harris College’s 125th anniversary. The gonfalon reflects a timeless style, incorporates the College’s colors, logo and seal. The gonfalon bearer—the Student Government Association President—leads the academic procession and displays the gonfalon on the commencement stage.