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The Success Center is the place to find tutoring services, where our upper-class student tutors are available to help you one-on-one in over fifteen different academic areas from chemistry to Spanish and psychology to math. In addition, you’ll find lots of help from our Writing Center, where tutors will assist you with writing papers for any class on campus. All tutoring is free!

So what if you need personal academic coaching? We have that covered as well. Our academic coaches will help you fine-tune your efforts in any class and maximize your opportunities for success. And if you find yourself in academic difficulty, our coaches will work with you on an individually crafted recovery plan!

The Success Center is a terrific place to begin your journey to success. Stop by our front desk to learn more about what we can do to support you during your four years at YHC!

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Free tutoring

Tutoring is available for all students for free. You’ll find tutoring help in over 15 subjects, plus dedicated support from our Writing Center for all class assignments. The Success Center hosts peer tutors at Young Harris College. Peer tutors are students who have been professionally trained and have proven to be prepared and successful students in the subjects they are tutoring.

The schedule and locations are updated each semester. Tutoring hours vary by subject. Contact Morgan Henderson for the most updated tutoring schedule.

Academic advising overview

YHC uses a faculty-advising model, which means that as soon as a student declares a major, they are assigned a faculty advisor who teaches and mentors students in that major. Faculty academic advisors provide holistic, appreciative advising that teaches students how to navigate the academic, social and career developmental pieces of their educational experience at YHC.

Advisors are committed to supporting their advisees’ success by serving as advocates for students’ needs while leading them toward a path of self-authorship and advocacy. Advisors collaborate with students in one-on-one appointments to form supportive relationships that allow students a safe space to engage in self-exploration and planning.

Advising learning outcomes

Academic advising plays a key role in students’ understanding of the college environment. In ongoing conversations with faculty advisors, students will:

  • Develop skills in locating and effectively using information and resources that facilitate successful goal-setting and academic planning
  • Discuss their academic requirements and expectations
  • Define the relationship between classroom learning/experiences and academic, career, and personal goals/interests
  • Define their passions and learn how to channel them into a major and career
  • Define the importance of and incorporate experiential learning or outside-the-classroom experiences to enhance their education
  • Create a graduation plan that includes next steps (graduate school, career planning)
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Introduction to YHC class

Your first encounter with our office will be through our Mountain Lion 1000 (MTLN 1000) class. Designed to ease the first-year transition, the Mountain Lion 1000 program immerses new students in YHC’s academic and social fabric, fostering personal growth and academic success.

Additional support services

Academic coaching

Meet one-on-one to discuss your academic goals, study skill development and campus resources available at the College. Academic coaching is facilitated by Success Center professional staff. During an academic coaching session, you can discuss academic and/or GPA goals, study skills, time management and other relevant skills and strategies. We want to help you improve your current studying and course preparation efforts and have you walk away with new skills and strategies to benefit your next steps in college. Academic coaching is for all students with all academic abilities and goals. Contact Morgan Henderson today.

Academic recovery

You may have been contacted by the Success Center staff because you are on academic probation, have a financial aid warning/probation appeal or are admitted to the College on a waiver. Students on academic probation are required to meet with their academic success mentor throughout the semester to participate in academic coaching and support. Students who are participating in the FAP appeal process are required to meet one-on-one with an Success Center professional for weekly or biweekly academic coaching sessions. If you are admitted on a waiver, you are strongly encouraged to participate in our academic coaching program within your first six weeks at the College.

Early intervention

The transition to college can be very difficult, and the Success Center wants to support your steps to help you do your best each semester. There are times you may struggle early in the semester and without appropriate support, you may not do well within or outside the classroom. If the Success Center is notified of any barriers you are facing, you will be contacted by one of the Success Center staff.