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MAT Real-time (Synchronous) Online

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program at Young Harris College is offered via a real-time online class.  All class-times are ‘live’ classes that you can participate in from any location (including coming to campus).  The assignments and resources are available online.  More information can be found at the YHC Catalog and at the Division of Education webpage.   Instructions on how to access your synchronous online course are below.

Your real-time online course consists of two parts: 

Synchronous Class Meetings Using Cisco WebEX Teams

Using ‘Cisco WebEX Teams’ to connect to live class meetings:



1.  You can use any reliable computer (Windows: Windows 7 or higher - 4GB RAM minimum | 8GB+ recommended or Macintosh: Mac OS X 10.6 or higher - 4GB RAM minimum | 8GB+ recommended+)

2.  Webcam 

3.  Headset.  We recommend using a headset with a noise-cancelling mic (for example, click here).  

4.  Reliable internet connection.  Please visit to ensure adequate speed.

5.  Antivirus protection: Students will be required to have an active antivirus product installed on their personal computer before being able to connect to the YHC network.


What do to ahead of class:

1.  Install Cisco Webex Teams on your computer.  You can use the web version but the downloaded desktop app is a better experience.  You can access either version at  After downloading and installing, log in using your YHC email address and password.  You can learn the basics of using the app at

2.  Connect Audio by using the instructions at

3.  Connect Video

4.  Test your set-up:  Click here to visit the test Cisco Webex Teams room to see if your audio/video is set up properly.  

5.  Learn the basics of using Teams –

6.  Learn the etiquette tips at


How to connect to the live class:

1.  Access class by clicking on the link provided by your instructor.  This will open up the Teams app and connect you to the room.

2.  Viewing recordings – If you cannot attend a live class, you can view the recordings in your Moodle class link.

If you have any difficulty, please contact the iTech helpdesk by emailing or calling 706-379-5212.

Online Assignments and Resources Using Moodle

How to use ‘Moodle’ to access online class:


The Chrome browser is recommended and you’ll need a reliable computer.  You can access Moodle from a tablet or mobile device but the experience is better on a computer. 
You will also need access to Office 365, which is a free download for students.  Instructions to download Word are included in the Moodle orientation.

How to access Moodle:
Moodle can be accessed at 

What to do ahead of class:

You will find a required Orientation course at the top of the page when you first log in.  Please click on that and work your way through the orientation. 

You will also find a link for your class in Moodle.  Click on that to see the resources and assignments for your course.  Each class has its own Moodle link.

If you are having problems logging in, it is usually one of two things.  Either your password has expired or you are using your email address to log in.  YHC passwords expire every 90 days.  To change your password, visit  If you are using your full email address to try to log into Moodle, it will not be recognized.  Only use the first part as your username, NOT the  If neither of those options work, please contact the iTech helpdesk by emailing or calling 706-379-5212.