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About Environmental Education and Leadership at Young Harris College

Environmental Education and Leadership is an interdisciplinary degree program within the Biology and Outdoor Studies departments at YHC. This unique degree program educates students in the aspects of environmental education through a strong foundation in the liberal arts, that encourages inquiry, investigation, and the development of skills that enable responsible decisions and actions that impact the environment.

Knowledgeable faculty help students to analyze the natural science components of environmental issues while also exploring facilitation and experiential teaching skills and techniques. Students receive training in field methods related to the environmental sciences, learn to work collaboratively with others, and develop technical competencies in both outdoor and environmental education.

The major has three core areas – leadership, environmental studies, and advance sciences. Because of the interdisciplinary design of the major, students have opportunities to participate in ongoing initiatives within the Biology and Outdoor Studies departments, such as the Hemlock Project, the YHC Beekeeping Institute, and the Appalachian Teaching Project, as well as engage with collaborative partners, such as the U.S. Forest Service, MountainTrue, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Mountain High Hikers Trail Club, and the Georgia Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

Environmental Education and Leadership degree requirements

To graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Education and Leadership from YHC, you’ll take 120 hours of coursework.

General Education:

31 hours, including BIOL 1107 and MATH 111


27-30 hours

Program courses:

59-62 hours

Some of our most popular environmental education and leadership classes include:

ODRS 2130 Outdoor Pursuits:

Study philosophy, history, theory and practice of outdoor education and leadership in a variety of applied settings with a diverse clientele. This course incorporates experiential methods and introductory field experiences in a variety of outdoor pursuits and technical skills.