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About Music at Young Harris College

Students minoring in Music develop performance skills with their primary instrument at a high artistic level and gain pedagogical skills in that area as well.

Music minor requirements

To graduate with a minor in Music from YHC, you’ll take 18 hours of coursework.

Required Courses:

18 hours

Some of our most popular music classes include:

MUSI 1141 Music Theory 1:

The study of the fundamentals of music theory: scales, key signatures, time signatures, intervals, triads, seventh chords, and rhythmic notation. The development of logical, critical, and creative thinking through the study of voice leading, SATB writing, and analysis as they pertain to the common practice period.

MUSI 1142 Aural Skills 1:

The development of sight-singing and ear-training skills: dictation and reading of rhythms; aural identification and singing of scales, intervals, and triads; dictation and sight-singing of melodies; dictation of four-part (SATB) harmonic passages. The subject matter is correlated with the materials of Music Theory I.