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About Outdoor Studies at Young Harris College

Outdoor studies provides a foundation in the philosophical, theoretical, and practical aspects of outdoor, environmental, and experiential leadership, education, and practice.

Outdoor Studies minor requirements

To graduate with a minor in Outdoor Studies from YHC, you’ll take 19 hours of coursework.

Lower Division Required Courses:

3 hours

Upper Division Required Courses:

12 hours

Minor Courses:

19 hours

Some of our most popular outdoor studies classes include:

ODRS 2130 Outdoor Pursuits:

This course examines the philosophy, history, theory and practice of outdoor education and leadership in a variety of applied settings with a diverse clientele. This course incorporates experiential methods and introductory field experiences in a variety of outdoor pursuits and technical skills.

ODRS 3140 Outdoor Risk Management:

This course will identify the primary components of risk management within outdoor contexts and settings. The course is designed to equip students with the basic knowledge necessary to manage legal risk associated with outdoor pursuits. A significant portion of the course is dedicated to attainment of professionally relevant certifications and/or trainings that enhance the knowledge, skills, and competencies of field-based risk management practices.

ODRS 3220 Leadership in Wilderness Contexts:

The focus of this course will be upon the leadership and group dynamics pertinent to wilderness settings and outdoor programs. This course will provide experience based application of theoretical foundations in small group dynamics, communication, problem solving, decision-making, group roles, group management, leadership roles and styles. A significant portion of this course involves field based practice and learning.