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Dr. Chris Lay to Attend the Institute for Council of Independent Colleges’s Faculty Members 

YOUNG HARRIS, Ga. — Young Harris College Professor of Philosophy, Dr. Chris Lay, has been selected to participate in the Council of Independent Colleges’s (CIC) New Currents in Teaching Philosophy. Dr. Lay, who has been teaching at YHC since 2020, welcomes the experience of attending the Institute for CIC Faculty Members.

“This is an excellent opportunity to continue to refine my teaching and learn best practices among my peers at other institutions,” said Dr. Lay. “I actually love being part of a small department where I’m the only philosophy faculty—it gives me incredible academic freedom. However, opportunities like this help me to ensure that I don’t have tunnel vision in what and how I teach.”

New Currents in Teaching Philosophy is designed to involve philosophy instructors at smaller, private liberal arts institutions in collaborative strides towards novel teaching strategies and courses. As a member institution of CIC, Young Harris College echoes the mission of quality education and its contributions to society. Not only is Dr. Lay’s selection a notable distinction, his participation will allow him to hone his approach to creating an engaging and compelling experience for Young Harris College students. 

The Institute brings together the most dedicated philosophy instructors from CIC member institutions. Introducing participants to the designers of innovative, field-tested philosophy courses, the Institute will explore many themes, including the diversification of philosophical cannon, the intersection of philosophy and artificial intelligence, and specific pedagogical approaches. 

“I am immensely proud of Dr. Lay for earning the opportunity to participate in this institute,” said Provost, Dr. Jason Pierce. “And I appreciate our colleagues with the Council of Independent Colleges for the meaningful and substantive professional development programs they provide to our faculty and staff.”

Young Harris College’s philosophy minor prepares students for any major or career that demands insight, careful problem-solving, and ethical intelligence. A rigorous yet flexible curriculum empowers students to ask reflective questions that lead to a better understanding of themselves, other people, the natural world, and the institutions that govern them. Dr. Lay plays a vital role in cultivating the philosophical minds of Young Harris College, and we are proud that he has been selected for this opportunity with CIC’s New Currents in Teaching Philosophy.

About Young Harris College

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