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Mission & Goals

Founded more than 125 years ago and historically affiliated with The United Methodist Church, Young Harris College has been transformed into a progressive model of liberal arts education featuring innovative academic programs, state-of-the-art facilities and competitive NCAA Division II athletics-which means more learning opportunities, better teaching, a smarter curriculum, greener living, a stronger community and happier students. Nestled in the southern Appalachian mountains of northeastern Georgia, with more than 1,200 students on its campus, Young Harris College provides an intimate setting that allows students and faculty to work closely, forging nurturing relationships and strong bonds that endure well past graduation.


Our Mission

Our educators, students and administrators believe in a lifelong drive to “Educate, Inspire, Empower.”

  • Educate: Young Harris College seeks to be recognized in the Southeast as an institution that, through its liberal arts education, encourages students to be intellectually curious. The College will educate the whole person through a comprehensive program of classroom, residential and extra-curricular experiences. Faculty and staff will be active lifelong learners, and the College will support their intellectual and professional development. The College will examine its processes and learn not only from itself, but also remain involved with the academy at large. The College will embrace emerging technology and pedagogical innovations.
  • Inspire: Young Harris College will be inclusive in character, providing opportunities for the development of faith through study, worship and service. The College will take advantage of its mountain setting, incorporating the heritage and natural environment in both academics and student programming. The College will provide diverse educational, recreational, social and cultural experiences for its students and the surrounding community.
  • Empower: Young Harris College will prepare its students to exercise mature and independent moral judgment in an ever-changing and diverse world. The College will challenge students to find and develop their particular talents, skills and abilities. The College will provide opportunities for students to interact with others from diverse backgrounds, thus preparing them for responsible citizenship. The Young Harris College experience will exemplify environmental awareness, stewardship and service to the community.


Our Goals           

  • To educate students through a comprehensive liberal arts experience.
  • To challenge students through innovative academic, cultural, athletic and spiritual programs.
  • To recruit and retain excellent students, faculty and staff.
  • To empower students, faculty and staff to reach their full potential.
  • To significantly increase the College’s financial resources and facilities to support growth and development.
  • To contribute to the quality of life of our local community.  


Our Values

  • Truth: We pursue truth through intellectual inquiry and integrity in all aspects of academic, professional and personal life.
  • The Liberal Arts: Young Harris College produces open-minded and inquisitive learners via the liberal arts model of higher education and its role in transforming students.
  • Heritage: Through our historic affiliation with The United Methodist Church and the Wesleyan tradition of higher education, Young Harris College seeks to develop both a trained mind and a warm heart. We have always supported academic freedom, affirmation of the dignity and worth of all persons, moral integrity and support for the spiritual journeys of the members of our college community.
  • Community: The relationships engendered through a small and diverse campus community last a lifetime. We promise unwavering support to our faculty, staff, trustees, alumni and friends. We are dedicated to preserving the natural world, cultural traditions and rich history of the southern Appalachian region.
  • Citizenship: We believe strongly that we have both personal and collective responsibilities as citizens in service to society. Young Harris College is dedicated to producing leaders who will remain committed to creating a sustainable, just and caring society.