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Lectures & Readings


Byron Herbert Reece Lecture Series

The Byron Herbert Reece Lecture Series was established in 1966 in memory of Byron Herbert Reece, an author, poet and Young Harris College teacher. This lecture series honors his memory and contributions to the world of letters by bringing noted writers to campus.

Click here to learn more about past lecturers.

Hamilton Lecture Series

The Hamilton Lecture Series brings outstanding religious spokespersons to Young Harris College to discuss faith-based topics. It was established by Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Strain, along with other members of their family, to honor Mrs. Strain’s parents, Rev. George Wharton Hamilton and Naomi Barton Hamilton. Rev. Hamilton was a 1907 graduate of Young Harris College who served on the YHC faculty and was active as a minister in the North Georgia Conference for 37 years.

Heinze Lecture Series

Established in 1974 in memory of YHC alumnus James R. Heinze, the annual Heinze Lecture brings speakers to campus to discuss themes and ideas that encourage college spirit and offer inspiration to the entire college community. Traditionally, the lecture focuses on Southern or Appalachian topics.

Click here to learn about past lecturers.


Named in honor of former Georgia Governor and U.S. Senator Zell B. Miller, ’51, an alumnus and Lifetime Trustee of the College, the Miller Lecture Series was established in 1975 with a contribution from Miss Edna Heren, a former YHC English professor and mentor of Gov. Miller. This annual lecture that focuses on Georgia topics is supported by proceeds from the sale of Gov. Miller’s book, “The Mountains Within Me,” and by gifts from his friends. Gov. Miller chose Hal Gulliver, former editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, to present the first Miller Lecture in 1978.

Click here to learn more about past lecturers.

Sellers Lecture Series

The Sellers Lecture Series was established to honor Bettie M. Sellers, professor emeritus at Young Harris College and noted Georgia poet.

Click here to learn more about past lecturers.

Guest Lectures

Sponsored by the Division of Humanities, guest lecturers are invited to speak to members of the YHC community about their accomplishments relevant to their field of study. Students from all divisions are encouraged to attend these lectures.