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YHC Beekeeping Institute


Since 1992, the Beekeeping Institute has represented the single most comprehensive opportunity in the Southeast for concentrated training in all aspects of practical beekeeping. Co-hosted with the University of Georgia, the Institute is held on the campus of Young Harris College and is a three-day event with lectures and workshops by leading authorities on honey bees. There are separate curricula for beginners and more experienced beekeepers, as well as fun optional activities such as a competitive honey show, gadgets display, and practical examinations.

Dr. Paul Arnold, biology professor and Chair of the Biology Department at Young Harris College, is a co-founder of this event, along with Robert Brewer of the Towns County Extension Office and Keith Delaplane, the State Apiculturalist at UGA.

Visit the Young Harris College Beekeeping Institute online.


In addition to hosting classes for beekeepers at all levels of experience, the Institute sponsors the Georgia Master Beekeeper Program (GMBP) and partners with the Welsh (U.K.) National Bee Keepers Association to provide North America’s only licensing program for honey judges.

See Certifications for more information.

Schedule of Events

Thursday is dedicated to training and certification examinations for the GMBP Journeyman, Master, and Master Craftsman levels as well as the Welsh Honey Judge qualifications. Schedules for Friday and Saturday are split into two tracks–one for experienced beekeepers and another for beginners. Training and certification for the GMBP Certified (beginner’s) level are incorporated into the normal activities for the beginners’ track Friday and Saturday. View the 2016 official program >>

Honey Show

One of the most rewarding opportunities of the Institute is the annual Honey Show. Besides categories in honey, the Honey Show includes classes in photography, art, candles, section comb honey, mead, and beekeeping gadgets. We urge students to participate in the Institute Honey Show, even if you’ve never competed before.

See Honey Show for more information.

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