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Faculty, Staff & Campus Partners


Learn More

  • Student Disability Services: These resources to benefit your understanding of accommodations and student needs.  
  • Faculty Advisor Resources: Faculty advisors are critical to the success of academic advising. Resources are available on the Registrar tab on YHC Connect.  



  • SSC Advisory Board: Would you like to join? Contact SSC Director Jaime Miller to participate. Members will be asked to convene once or twice a semester to offer feedback and ideas on how to refine academic support services at YHC.
  • All faculty, staff and campus partners are welcome to email or schedule an appointment with an SSC staff member to discuss student needs.


Refer to Us

  • Refer to the SSC to your students: Informally, you can encourage students to come see us. Formally, you can log onto Starfish to refer your students to our services and resources. 
  • Encourage students to join the SSC team as a peer leader (tutor, student employee).