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Amanda Massey Asks Jane Williams Davis

Student Alumni Ambassador Amanda Massey, a senior communication studies major from Snellville, recently asked Jane Williams Davis, ’75, of Marietta, to talk about maintaining connections and friendships after graduating from YHC.

Amanda: Every student has fears about graduating, especially as a senior. One of mine is losing contact with the people I’ve met at YHC. Have you kept in touch with the friends you made during your time at the College? Do you have any tips for a soon-to-be graduate on how to keep those friendships strong?

Jane: I met my closest group of friends during my time at YHC and we have gotten to know so many other graduates over the years because of our involvement in alumni activities. Your circle of YHC friends can grow even larger after graduation, but it will take commitment and planning on everyone’s part by getting involved in the Alumni Association.

YHC’s intimate campus allows you get to know everyone. When I was at YHC, the College was a much smaller two-year school, and there were very few places to go off campus. We didn’t go home often on the weekends, so we really did spend the majority of our time together. Close groups of friends formed everywhere, and we knew everyone on campus. I would guess that you know most of your classmates well—a benefit of attending YHC versus a larger college. Everyone lives in very close proximity to each other with few distractions, and the ties that bind become stronger than you may realize. You become like extended family.

You may move to different cities after graduation, but always make plans to get together. Make it a priority to return to campus for Homecoming, Alumni Weekend and other events (or just trips to the beautiful north Georgia mountains!). Those excursions back to campus will become part of your own family’s traditions.

Social media is another great way to stay in contact with friends from YHC. In these days of email, texting, Tweeting and Facebook, you are able to keep up with your classmates very easily. I also recommend that you meet friends for long weekends and annual vacations, like my group does. I am lucky because my closest friends from YHC ended up in the Atlanta area, so we see each other a lot. Our spouses and children are friends, we celebrate special occasions together, and the girls meet for dinner frequently.

Throughout the years to come, with a little planning and scheduling, you will have such fun maintaining current friendships—and creating new ones. Your YHC friendships will continue and expand over the years, I promise.

Davis made lifelong friends during her time at YHC who still regularly get together.