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Payment Options

Payment of Semester Charges

Prior to the beginning of each semester, each student will be sent a billing statement. Failure to receive a statement is not an acceptable excuse for not meeting a payment deadline.  If a student is expecting a billing statement and has not received it, the student should contact the Business Office at (706) 379-5223 or by email

Young Harris College requests payment IN FULL for charges owed for the semester according to the following deadlines:

The initial billing statement will include:

  • Tuition
  • Room and Board  - (charges do not apply to commuting students) 
  • Campus/Technology Fee
  • Parking Permit Fee
  • SGA Green Fee

Payment deadlines

  • For Fall Semester: July 31
  • For Spring Semester: December 12
  • For Summer: One week prior to beginning of classes

accepted forms of payment

  • Credit/Debit Card (3% convenience fee will be applied)
  • Cash
  • Personal Check 
  • Money order

Payment options

  • Payment in Full by payment deadline
  • Monthly Payment Plan  - provided by Nelnet Business Solutions

Payment Plan - provided by Nelnet Business Solutions

Young Harris College offers an opportunity to participate in a payment plan through an external provider.  The payment plan allows students to budget expenses over a period of time.  Payments may be made by automatic bank debit, credit card, or by personal check.  Details about the payment plan will be provided by the Business Office. 

Payment plan schedules

Annual Plan

1. If agreement is submitted through e‐cashier by March 6:
              • No down payment required
              • 12 payments from April through March

2. If agreement is submitted through e‐cashier by June 8:
              • No down payment required
              • 9 payments from July through March

3. If agreement is submitted through e‐cashier by July 8:
              • 10% down payment required
              • 8 payments from August through March

Spring Semester Only

1. If agreement is submitted through e‐cashier by November 6:
               • No down payment required
               • 4 payments from December through March

2. If agreement is submitted through e‐cashier by November 29:
               • 20% down payment required
               • 3 payments from January through March

Students who choose to participate in the payment plan are responsible for paying an enrollment fee. If a credit card is used, a convenience fee is charged in addition to the enrollment fee. Students are not permitted to attend classes until satisfactory financial arrangements are made with the Business Office.

Past Due Accounts

Failure to pay all balances due for any semester will result in a STOP being placed on the student account.  Students with a STOP on their account will be restricted from registering for classes in future semesters.  Transcripts and diplomas will not be released until the account is paid in full.

Delinquent accounts may be referred to a commercial collection agency and may be reported to a national credit bureau.  All costs, expenses, and fees incurred by the College in collecting or attempting to collect a past due account are the responsibility of the student.

To resolve any past due accounts, please call the Business Office at (706) 379-5223.