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Community Service

S.E.R.V.E. (Service, Education, Responsibility, Voice, and Engagement)

Community service is vital to a liberal arts institution. Community service provides the occasion for holistic engagement—intellectually, spiritually and physically—in projects both within and beyond the campus. Moreover, community service challenges students to push outside themselves to care for others and to push inside themselves in examination of values and beliefs. In support of this, the Office of Campus Activities, the Center for Appalachian Studies and Community Engagement, and the Office of Religious Life facilitate community service opportunities for all students as they become available in the local community and on campus.

While all students are encouraged to participate in service events throughout the year, each Greek/service organization is required to complete at least one service/volunteer project per semester. A minimum of 10 volunteer hours is required per group and each project must include no less than 50 percent of the organization’s membership. Volunteer/service hours must be certified by the Director of Campus Activities no later than two weeks prior to the end of the semester.

Helpful Forms

Organizations must fill out a Report of Community Service Hours form to certify community service hours. The Philanthropy Report Form must be filled out when receiving philanthrophic donations for any events.

For more information, email the Office of Campus Activities or call them at (706) 379-5110.