Early College

Are you a Georgia high school student who is ready to start taking FREE college classes to get a jump-start on your degree?



Young Harris Early College is YHC's Dual Enrollment program for Georgia high school students to take college courses for free. Students earn transferable college credits that also count as high school credits toward graduation.

We offer many online courses that satisfy your high school credits at no cost to you. Tuition, campus fees and books are all paid for by the State of Georgia through the dual-enrollment program. These courses do NOT affect your HOPE hours, and our core classes meet HOPE Academic Rigor requirements.

Early College Scholarships

Young Harris College is excited to announce  any student enrolled in Young Harris Early College who earns at least three credit hours automatically receives a Young Harris Early College scholarship! Young Harris Early College classes are completely free for high school juniors and seniors.

Choose Your Path
On Campus

Learn what it’s really like to be a YHC student by taking college-level courses on campus alongside current students. Courses must be among the approved list found on the GSFC website.


Take courses from any location and at any time of day that fits your schedule. YHC online courses are 8 weeks long with 5 semesters per year. These courses use Moodle and Proctorio.

Partner High Schools

Students in partner high schools attend class in their high school classroom with a YHC instructor. Check with your high school to see how it can become a partner school.

Step by Step

Enroll in Young Harris Early College

1. Talk with your high school counselor about your interest in Young Harris Early College.

2. Submit your application for admission by clicking the "apply now" button below.

3. Submit your official high school transcripts to the Admissions Office and submit your SAT or ACT scores, if you have them.

4. Visit GAfutures.org to complete your Dual Enrollment funding application.

5. After you receive your acceptance email from YHC, visit your Young Harris College application portal to find your login and other important information.

6. To register for classes:

• Partner school students (a high school where YHC teaches classes in person) sign up through their high school counselor.

• Cambridge High School students, click here.  You will need to use your YHC login credentials to access this form.

• Other online students, email earlycollege@yhc.edu.

What it Takes

Admissions Requirements for Early College

To qualify for the Early College program at YHC, you must:

• Be enrolled in an eligible public or private high school or home-study program

• Be classified as a high school junior or senior

• Have at least a 3.0 high school academic GPA as calculated by YHC. TEST SCORES OPTIONAL FOR STUDENTS WITH A 3.0 ACADEMIC GPA.

• If applicable, a student must adhere to any of his/her high school eligibility requirements for participation.


The Georgia Student Finance Commission has prepared answers to some of students' and parents' frequently asked questions about the program. Click here for more information. YHC's goal is your student to succeed. Should you have additional questions, contact Admissions at admissions@yhc.edu and tell them you are a dual-enrollment student.


The initiative required in college is very different from that required in high school. Therefore, we encourage parents to consider the maturity oftheir students. The academic rigor of college classes is also significantly more challenging in college than high school. When evaluating whether or not you are ready for college-level coursework, look beyond GPA and standardized test scores. All dual enrollment students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress for non-degree seeking students, as defined by the Young Harris College Financial Aid Policy


If you are thinking about an online course, consider if you are disciplined enough to stick to a schedule even when no one is looking over your shoulder. Taking these online courses fives you flexibility by replacing face-to-face traditional classes with engaging online instructional activities, but there are still due dates to be met. If you are unsure if an online class is right for you, click here for a self-inventory.