Popular Culture

Popular Culture

Division of Humanities

Popular Culture is one of several Humanities minors offered at YHC. Students learn to interpret and contribute to convergent cultures, focusing on messages emanating from internet, television, music, and print media to develop nuanced and critical perspectives.

The Humanities minors are all built on the same liberal arts core and contribute to informed and ethical representations of people and communities, allowing students to better understand and combat deceptive claims, misinformation, and political propaganda while constructing more powerful and nuanced messages themselves. 

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What classes will you take?

  • A diverse set of classes in the liberal arts core
  • Three electives from a large collection of applicable disciplines
  • Major classes in Popular Culture, including:
    • Introduction to Media Communication: design and conduct your own media research
    • Introduction to Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: consider the ways both “culture” and “the popular” have developed over time
    • Popping Culture: learn critical methods of interrogating and assessing popular messages, movements, and practices

What can you do with a popular culture minor?

Popular culture prepares you for a range of graduate school and career options. Students develop the skills to produce and edit thoughtful and ethical messages for broadcast, print, and online forums. Students can star in front of a camera or work behind the scenes in exciting and influential fields after graduating such as advertising, gaming, marketing, and multimedia platforms.