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Popular Culture

Popular Culture is a constantly shifting subject that affects how we all receive information, interact with others, make judgments and interpret our society. In other words, studying Popular Culture is learning to navigate through our daily lives. Whether your primary program of study is Mathematics, English or Biology, acquiring a better understanding of what influences today’s culture will help you discover and achieve your career goals.

At Young Harris College, a minor in Popular Culture enables you to explore your own interests while providing the critical and analytical tools needed to research paradigms and theoretical frameworks and pose intellectual questions about this dynamic field.

Courses include an in-depth study of themes in popular culture such as mass media communication, emerging social and cultural trends, and artistic movements and historical transformations of the public sphere. Develop skill sets to interpret everyday cultural practices as well as realize their contexts and consequences.

Studying Popular Culture at YHC will ensure that you are well equipped to further your academic endeavors while preparing you to succeed in a variety of fields including advertising, marketing, public relations and media production.


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Questions? Contact Professor of Communication Studies Dr. Jennifer Hallett.