YHC SOLE Program

Student Opportunities for Leadership through Engagement
Student Opportunities for Leadership through Engagement

Members of the YHC SOLE program are a select group of students who represent Young Harris College through outreach work, building relationships and shared experiences in learning and leadership throughout our community.

YHC SOLE members currently work at a mix of on- and off-campus community partner sites; they may work up to 10 hours per week during the academic year and receive financial compensation through the College and federal work-study programs for their time and commitment. YHC SOLE members meet weekly to discuss local and global issues and determine ways to develop leadership in those areas. 

Through planning, discussion and reflection, SOLE members create opportunities to serve their campus and local communities throughout the year. The program has 12 members. Applications will be accepted in the early spring for the following year as members graduate and positions open.

For additional information, please email Jacqueline Bruen, sponsor of the YHC SOLE Program.