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About art at Young Harris College

The art major is one of several Fine Arts degrees offered at YHC, with a diverse set of classes designed to train students to become creative problem solvers as they develop a personal image making aesthetic through self-expression.

The major prepares you for a range of graduate school and career options. Some examples of graduate degrees include the Master of Fine Arts, Master of Art Education, Master of Art Therapy, and Master of Museum Studies. Some career opportunities include Freelance Artist, Photographer, Art Therapist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Art Teacher/Professor.

Art degree requirements

To graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Art from YHC, you’ll take 120 hours of coursework.

General Education:

31 hours


46 hours, including two PALS (Physically Active Life Skills) courses

Program courses:

43 hours

Art as a minor

Students seeking the art minor will learn technical and conceptual problem-solving skills that will enhance their liberal arts education and allow them to seek careers with a creative element.

Hannah Elliot

The Fine Arts programs at YHC are truly incredible! I’ve connected with so many artists and poets in the last four years, which has helped me feel more prepared for the real world.

Hannah Elliot Class of ’24, Leesburg, GA