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About art at Young Harris College

Students seeking the art minor will learn technical and conceptual problem-solving skills that will enhance their liberal arts education and allow them to seek careers with a creative element.

Art degree requirements

To graduate with a minor in Art from YHC, you’ll take 19 hours of coursework.

Required Courses

4 hours, including ARTS 1101 and ARTS 4405

Core Courses

15 hours, including ARTS 1110, ARTS 1140 and ARTS 3301

Minor Courses

19 hours

Some of our most popular Art classes include:

ARTS 1112 Digital Arts I

An Introductory course to the Digital Arts that explores the use of digital media for artistic expression,with a focus on enhancing technical abilities and understanding related issues of design.

ARTS 2202 Painting

This course will explore a variety of painting media and stylistic approaches to painting. Students will develop basic skills of painting application, color use, and composition with the focus on personal expression and experimentation. Six hours of studio are required per week.

ARTS 4401 Open Studio I

Students will create their own body of related works with a focus on content. Students will engage in class discussions and critiques with Open Studio students working in other media. All Open Studio students meet together to encourage a broader understanding of art making techniques and concepts. Six hours of studio are required a week.
Makenna Cobb smiling for the camera

My Art Appreciation classes at Young Harris have helped me and increased my knowledge of art. I can’t wait to see where my education will take me in the future!

MaKennah Cobb Class of ’24, Bowden, GA